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2018 Release Date Of ‘GTA 6’ Not Possible? Next Map Will Be A Combination Of All ‘GTA’ Maps?

2018 Release Date Of 'GTA 6' Not Possible? Next Map Will Be A Combination Of All 'GTA' Maps?

Fans are now checking out for the next hottest rumor about “GTA 6” like its release date, new protagonist and anything that could give them clue for a confirmation of a release. One of those rumors is information in relation to the release date. There have been rumors that Rockstar Games might debut the next “Grand Theft Auto” game two years from now, according to Move News Guide . Many fans believe this might happen because of how the prequels were released. In addition, other game sites are hoping that “GTA 6’s” release date might be on 2018, according to Master Herald . This also means that the game has already been in development for a while now. Everything is still in speculation as the game developer has not released any official statement relating to the sixth installment.

On the other hand, critics are speculating that the rumored 2018 release date of the game might not come true. They believe it will be delayed due to the rumor that the next game might be bigger than “GTA V.” Furthermore, they speculate that since it will be a bigger project, it will need more than five years to complete. The recent installment was completed in five years, so they are guessing that the next one might need more time. In other news, game websites are speculating that a new map will be the combination of maps in all “GTA” games so far, according to Cross Map . A lot of fans are also expecting a bigger game than the prequels and the increase of rumors prove this. VermillionDemonFox, a Reddit user, claimed that the game will have all of the maps. The map image can be viewed here with all of the details in it. Rockstar remains silent and has not confirmed any of these rumors like the speculated “GTA 6” release date, which will be on 2018. Fans are still waiting for news to be posted on the official website .