2014 FIBA for Women: Palau forever young

Laia Palau is the best example of a “Forever Young”.

The Spanish Point Guard may be one of the oldest players at the FIBA for Women yet she is feeling fresh this tournament.

When Amaya and Elisa left the team, it made me realize how old I was.

-Palau Amaya Valdemoro and Elisa Aguilar both retired in the successful EuroBasket Women of 2013.

The 35-year-old confessed to having felt her age.

” But now the coach has brought in young players like Leticia (Romero) and Leonor (Rodriguez) it hasn’t made me feel even older – but it is actually making me feel like I am 18 again .” This was always the plan, to integrate players for the future.

–   Palau ” I know from my own experiences that it can be difficult when it is your first time, but I think that they are ready ,” insisted the Barcelona native.

” Even though they might not play many minutes, it’s an important introduction for them .” Having fresh players come into the team is giving Palau a brand new goal and a focus as she takes a primary responsibility for their combination into the leading team.

So far at least, the mixture and blend of experience of youth and youth at heart has proven a fruitful one.

“Maybe I can add some small details for our coaches, ” said the 1.78m guard.

” But we all know each other very well and I don’t think the Czech Republic has too much new stuff – so it will probably be a typically hard game for both teams .” Palau knows the Team Czech very well since she took to the EuroLeague Women Final Eight.

On Tuesday, the  Spain will face the unbeaten Team Czech Republic for the top position in Group A and an automatic Quarter-Final spot.

 (Source: 2014 FIBA Women’s Official Website)     

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