2 Chain’s Cover Of ‘You And I’ Received Compliments From Netizens

2 Chain's Cover Of 'You And I' Received Compliments From Netizens

2 Chain's Cover Of 'You And I' Received Compliments From Netizens

  2 Chain of MONSTA X just did a cover of Crush’s “You and I” on YouTube. The two did the cover really well with their vocal and rapping skills. Netizens praised their performance for this cover because they showed great harmony. 2 Chain is formed by two members of MONSTA X, Kihyun and Jooheon. On Apr. 1, MONSTA X announced on their Twitter that they formed a unit and they prepared 2 Chain for MONSTA X’s fans so that they would be satisfied, One Hallyu  reported.
2 Chain just did the cover of Crush’s “You and I” on YouTube on May 16 really well. Many people commented on their performance for showing great skills with their own style. Netizens praised their ability in singing the song, showing their vocal and rap skills, AllKpop  reported. Meanwhile, MONSTA X just had their comeback with their first album and title track “Beautiful,” They were praised by many people for their nice choreography and good song. There is a nice story behind their comeback when Shownu gave up his lines for Hyungwoon to make a more beautiful choreography, AllKpop  reported. “The Clan Part 2.5 The Final Chapter” with title track “Beautiful” is MONSTA X’s first album after their debut. They released the album on Mar. 21 and after its release, the album received #1 on Hanteo and Synnara’s charts. Their album also got another big achievement by receiving #1 on USA and Japan daily and real-time K-Pop charts, AllKpop  reported. MONSTA X’s success with their album is also part of their hard work and good teamwork. Their teamwork is really good and they always work hard for their goal. Their leader, Shownu, always tries to lift up the spirit of the members by his encouragement. Once, the members picked him as the most beautiful member because he handled busy schedules without looking tired even though he was actually exhausted, Soompi  reported. With the success of their album and the unit with 2 Chain, MONSTA X hopes to have more blast in this year. Many fans want to hear more covers from 2 Chain because they did really well with their cover “You and I.”

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