100% Unveils Glimpse Of New Comeback Album, ‘Sketchbook’

100% Unveils Glimpse Of New Comeback Album

100% Unveils Glimpse Of New Comeback Album, 'Sketchbook'

100% indeed wants to make their group ever more popular. What better way to do that than to prepare a comeback album for their fans. With this, the album is confirmed to get released on Feb. 22. This date will be a very strategic date as this is in the middle of the week, hence, more people will be able to tune in to it. This would surely be one of the most momentous events of the boy band. According to All KPop , the group will also unveil its new logo. This will feature a pair of rings that match that will perfectly match the 0’s in the band’s 100% name. This just shows that the boy group wants to take on a bigger market, as they improve their image and reputation. With a new logo, people will know them easier.

According to another report by All KPop , 100% will incorporate a deeper meaning and depth into their upcoming album, “Sketchbook”, specifically in the album’s single, “Sketch U”. In the song, the boy band’s versatile vocals will perfectly sync in tune with each other. This also shows that the group is entering the next stage of their career, as they deal with things more seriously. The upcoming album will also show the evolution of their music, as it will take on more meaning and vocal variety. The album is reported to have 5 tracks, which are all composed and organized by Sweetune, a production company. With all of these being said, 100% is indeed on the right track to success. With a new comeback album in hand, more projects and opportunities will surely await the boy band. They just need to have the consistency in their talent and in their charm. Hopefully, more albums and projects await 100%. They’ll surely have more, as they got what it takes to ensure that their KPop legacy will live on.

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